Microsoft Passwordless Technologies

At TREYSTA Technology Management, we understand the future is passwordless, but also appreciate the challenges of setting up the features for your organization.

Microsoft Passwordless Technologies

Passwords can be a little overwhelming. You have to make them unique and update them from time to time. Despite not being fun, passwords have always been a necessity, at least up to now. They enhance the security of your data by preventing unauthorized access to your digital accounts and Microsoft apps. However, you will no longer need passwords to secure Microsoft accounts by using passwordless technologies. You can now sign in to your accounts using a security code sent to your phone or email, Windows Hello, or the Microsoft Authenticator mobile app. Because of this, you may need to consult your IT support team to help you understand going passwordless.

Common Password Problems

Passwords are generally set for security reasons. Without a password, unauthorized persons can access your accounts. However, sometimes the passwords do not offer the desired level of security. Here are some of the reasons why passwords may compromise data security in your business.

Employees Using Personal Devices to Access Business Accounts

Remote working has progressively grown since the advent of portable internet devices and high-speed internet connectivity. The Covid-19 pandemic has also accelerated the growth of virtual operations as most companies adhered to the pandemic containment measures. Remote working has, therefore, increased the risk of security breaches through portable devices. Hackers can use end point connections to bypass the security features of your company if your workers use shared networks. It is good to note that hackers do not hack into your business accounts. Instead, they log in using stolen passwords.

Despite increased security risks, remote working has become a component of normal operations. You may not do away with remote operations, but you can mitigate the risk of password misuse through remote access to your IT systems. IT support companies like TREYSTA Technology Management can help you set up Virtual Private Networks or password managers that reduce the risk of password violations.

Default or Shared Passwords

Some apps or accounts come with pre-set passwords. The default passwords are supposed to be updated with new and unique passwords before official use begins. However, some staff members may continue to use the default passwords, which may then compromise your IT security.

Easy to Remember Passwords

Forgetting passwords can be very frustrating for any user. About 30% of account users would rather close the account than deal with the pain of trying to remember a password. The fear of forgetting passwords compels people to use passwords linked to major events in their lives, such as birthday dates or simply the year of birth, favorite pets, or family names. Easy to remember passwords are also easy to guess. A hacker only needs to guess your year of birth, or get it from you through phishing to log into your account, if you have used your year of birth as your password.

Nature of Hackers

Hackers are mostly well-trained and talented IT professionals that obtain your passwords by simply going through your social media accounts. Your social media account speaks volumes about you, and the hacker can join the dots to correctly guess your password. The hacker may also use sophisticated tools or software to get your password. Once your password and email are in the hands of a hacker, they are either used to access your account or sold to the dark web.

Going Passwordless

If you are considering the passwordless approach, it means that you may no longer need to deal with the challenges of securing your Microsoft accounts with passwords, as you will not need them to log into your account. But how do you log into your account without a password and is it secure? Here are some security features that help you to go passwordless:

Windows Hello

Windows Hello is a biometric security feature for Windows 10 and Windows 11. Windows Hello allows you to get instant access to your Windows PC using a fingerprint, pin, or facial recognition. However, you will still need to set a pin when setting up biometrics like fingerprints or facial recognition as security features. The good thing is that the pin only works for a specific device and can be recovered from your Microsoft account.

Microsoft Authenticator Mobile App

A Microsoft Authenticator is a mobile application that allows users to use two-factor verification methods to secure their accounts. A two-factor method means you combine a pin and fingerprint to secure your account. However, you can still use a fingerprint or facial recognition without the pin to log into your online accounts using your mobile device.

The Microsoft Authenticator Mobile App also allows you to use one-time passcode (OTP) technology to log into your accounts. OTP helps to enhance the security of your IT system and prevent password violations. Remote workers will need to key in the OTP code sent to their mobile device before they can access company accounts.

Microsoft Accounts

For so long, you have heard that the future is passwordless. However, it’s no longer about the future as you can now log into your Microsoft 365, Microsoft Teams, Outlook, OneDrive, Family Safety, or Microsoft Edge without a password. However, since this is a new technology, you need an IT support partner to help you move from a password-based technology to a passwordless era. Windows computer support like TREYSTA Technology Management are accredited by Microsoft to provide support for Windows computers.

The IT support team will help your staff learn how they can go passwordless and how they can ensure their devices are not compromised. Your IT support partner will also help you select the right passwordless feature, depending on the level of threat or security needed in your organization. Remember, you may choose between one-factor login or multiple factors, where users log in using their biometrics and an OTP.

Contact the Experts

Whether it’s identifying the right feature for the passwordless era or setting up the feature, TREYSTA Technology Management is there for you. At TREYSTA Technology Management, we understand the future is passwordless, but also appreciate the challenges of setting up the features for your organization. We are, therefore, ready to provide the support needed to migrate to passwordless technology. Contact us today at (888) 242-0244 for more information.


Updated 2/07/2023