Relieving IT Anxiety For Pennsylvania & Maryland Businesses Since 1995

TREYSTA is right in your backyard.  We help organizations in York, Gettysburg, Harrisburg, and throughout Central PA remove the anxiety from their Information Technology systems.
Let us take care of your IT.

Let TREYSTA Take Care Of Your Business IT Support

Organizations like yours in York, Gettysburg, Harrisburg, and the surrounding area have trusted TREYSTA to be their IT partner since 1995.

Great Relationships

Locally Owned

Focus Only On IT

Real People Answering Your Calls

TREYSTA client since our opening

“TREYSTA has helped our agency grow and find ways to work more efficiently.  Not only do they provide the products and services that we need, they provide advice and counseling on how we can work smarter and more efficiently.

TREYSTA takes all of the IT worries and concerns squarely off of our shoulders and puts it all onto theirs.  Anyone running a small business knows that they are being pulled in so many directions that it is virtually impossible to stay on top of everything.  TREYSTA’s service response time is second to none which is invaluable to us.  When the computers aren’t working, neither are we!”

Chuck Szarowski Jr., Owner

CRS Insurance

TREYSTA client for over 10 years

“TREYSTA has been instrumental in providing and maintaining our network systems as well as keeping us current with rapidly changing technology. Our nonprofit has grown tremendously since we partnered with TREYSTA and they have worked to give us seamless transitions into the complex information systems that we have needed to continue our expansion. TREYSTA is phenomenal with its services and accessibility. Their technicians go above and beyond the call of duty to meet our needs quickly and effectively. They are personable, patient, and knowledgeable with very good response time to any questions or concerns. I can’t say enough about them or about the help they have provided over the years. They are an energetic and talented team—I am very pleased with TREYSTA’s services.”

Phyllis Bowers, Previous Executive Director

The United Methodist Stewardship, Foundation

TREYSTA is a great partner

“TREYSTA is a great partner. It’s been great to have TREYSTA as a resource. We give them a call and they help us out.”

James Bean, Engineering Manager

Readco Kurimoto LLC

Managed IT Services

TREYSTA removes IT from your daily anxiety list with managed IT services supported by local IT service professionals.  Nothing outsourced.

Network Security

Organizations are taking huge steps to prevent intruders from breaking into their offices. TREYSTA makes sure the computer network doors are locked and security system armed.

Business Continuity

The COVID-19 pandemic opened the eyes of many business owners who were not ready to put their business continuity strategies into place. TREYSTA makes sure everything is good to go when the next disaster strikes.

Business IT Support & Services
25+ Years Experience

Since 1995, TREYSTA has been a reliable, trustworthy, and dependable managed IT services company for organizations in York, Gettysburg, Harrisburg, and throughout Central PA. TREYSTA also provides high-quality business IT support in Frederick, Westminster, and throughout Maryland.

Our focus remains on helping small and medium‑sized businesses and organizations accomplish 3 objectives:

  • Ensure that our clients are using the best technology possible to achieve their business goals
  • Reduce IT costs by providing PROACTIVE management of technology built on “best practice” standards
  • Eliminate the “anxiety” normally associated with installing and maintaining technology

Trusted Business IT Support & IT Services
York, Harrisburg, Gettysburg & Central PA

Our clients include firms that are mostly in the 10-100 PC range who recognize technology as a competitive advantage for their organization.  Our staff of 17 IT professionals follows a proven formula to deliver world-class results to all of our clients. Providing cloud services, IT project management solutions, remote monitoring, and technology consulting, we can deliver results that will allow your organization to concentrate on your area of expertise while we take care of everything “technology.”

Why Choose TREYSTA To Be Your Next IT Company?

When other IT companies in the area try to be everything to everyone, TREYSTA only focuses on IT.


step 1

We Get To Know Each Other

Have you ever said to yourself, my IT company really doesn’t understand my business. TREYSTA takes the time to get to know each of our clients.


step 2

Determining A Fit

TREYSTA’s systems engineers will run a complete diagnostic review of your IT infrastructure, this includes our security professionals to make sure no stone is unturned.


step 3


TREYSTA sits down with you and shares our findings from our network and security review and then determines a managed IT service strategy to meet the needs of your organization.


step 4

We Get To Work

TREYSTA gets to work taking care of your day-to-day IT needs, working with your staff and eliminating IT from your anxiety list.

The TREYSTA Gigabyte.

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    Awards and Certifications

    The Channel Co. CRN MSP 500
    2021 Winner MSP 501
    IT Services In Central Pennsylvania
    Microsoft Partner
    Webroot Certified Partner
    ID Agent
    IT Services In Central Pennsylvania

    What cities or towns does TREYSTA Technology Management serve in Central PA?

    TREYSTA Technology Management provides IT services and IT support in York, Harrisburg, Gettysburg and other cities and towns in Central PA.

    How long has TREYSTA Technology Management been in business?

    TREYSTA Technology Management opened for business in 1995. We’ve been very blessed to work with organizations throughout York, Harrisburg and Gettysburg.

    What IT services does TREYSTA Technology Management provide?

    TREYSTA provides a complete managed IT services program for small and midsize companies. We become the IT department for all of our clients and remove the anxiety associated with dealing with IT issues.