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TREYSTA Technology Management provides managed IT services for large and small organizations throughout Central Pennsylvania and Northern MD.




Do you require a managed IT provider to lower your costs and increase your productivity?

IT resources are commonly limited in small and medium-sized businesses. You will always need one more team member, one more piece of hardware, or one more app to improve your technology environment.

We are TREYSTA technology management, a leading managed IT provider to SMBs in Central Pennsylvania and Northern Maryland, and can round out any areas where your business needs extra support.

Call us and let us help you achieve your business objectives through affordable technology solutions!

“TREYSTA has helped our agency grow and find ways to work more efficiently. Not only do they provide the products and services that we need, they provide advice and counseling on how we can work smarter and more efficiently.

TREYSTA takes all of the IT worries and concerns squarely off of our shoulders and puts it all onto theirs. Anyone running a small business knows that they are being pulled in so many directions that it is virtually impossible to stay on top of everything. TREYSTA’s service response time is second to none which is invaluable to us. When the computers aren’t working, neither are we!”
Chuck S. Jr., Owner
TREYSTA client since our opening

How Do Our Managed IT
Services Benefit Your Business?

Why are we different from our competitors? We have built our Managed IT Services around the three pillars of our “support plan.”

Our Advanced Cybersecurity Measures

TREYSTA’s comprehensive, multi-layered security approach integrates advanced technologies and protocols to provide dynamic protection against a wide range of digital threats, ensuring the integrity and confidentiality of your data and systems at all times.

Firewalls, Antivirus, and Anti-Malware Protection: Our sophisticated security measures safeguard your infrastructure from external and internal threats.

Intrusion Detection and Prevention: We monitor and react to potential threats, ensuring your business remains secure.

Let us evaluate your technology’s current state, suggest improvements, help you implement technology initiatives, and offer the support you need to maintain them. Call us today!

Managed IT Services

Managed IT Provider
York, Harrisburg, Gettysburg & Central PA
Frederick, Thurmont, Westminster & Northern MD

TREYSTA’s Managed IT Provider Team

TREYSTA provides you with a team of technology professionals specialized in different fields:

TREYSTA’s Technology

We have the latest tools available to monitor and maintain your technology assets:

TREYSTA’s Processes

If you have skilled people and the best technology but do not have a defined and repeatable process, it is impossible to get the results that your hard work and investment deserves. We have a process so that everyone is on the same page:

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TREYSTA technology management was born in 2014 after the merger of Computerworks and Net-Aid. This move combined both companies’ considerable resources and helped create our support plan that has helped dozens of companies in Central PA & Northern MD achieve success through Managed IT Services.

Why Choose TREYSTA technology management as your Managed IT Provider?

Let us evaluate your technology’s current state, suggest improvements, help you implement technology initiatives, and offer the support you need to maintain them.

TREYSTA Provides Exceptional Client IT Support
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TREYSTA removes IT from your daily anxiety list with managed IT services supported by local IT service professionals.  Nothing outsourced.

Organizations are taking huge steps to prevent intruders from breaking into their offices. TREYSTA makes sure the computer network doors are locked and security system armed.

The events of the past several years opened the eyes of many business owners. TREYSTA makes sure everything is good to go, when the next disaster strikes.