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Working with a local IT company can have many benefits for your business, but why is it important?



Working with a local IT company can have many benefits for your business. TREYSTA technology management is a local IT company serving the Adams, Frederick, York, and Cumberland County areas by providing cost-effective and dedicated managed IT support and IT solutions.

TREYSTA focuses just on IT services, meaning we bring you reliability and a high expectation of assistance regarding your IT. And not only do we cover the above counties, but we also serve Dauphin and Carroll County with our two convenient locations in Gettysburg and York.

From reconfiguring servers to installing software, our experienced team can help you with your special IT projects and daily IT support needs. Our wide variety of local expertise gets not only your projects up and running with ease, but we continue local IT support long after the project is finished. Just look at our great reviews from our local clients!


A gold circle with a white thumbs up.

Prompt, Proactive, Knowledgeable, Helpful

I realize that the DVD issue needs to be [dealt] with the company. I am very glad Alex took care of the updates that I was not even thinking about.

Georgia H.

Gettysburg Non-profit
A gold circle with a white thumbs up.

Great Customer Service

Great customer service. Much appreciated.

James W.

Local Construction Company
A gold circle with a white thumbs up.

Fixed the Problem Immediately

Computer locked up from Browser Hijack, called and Angela answered and fixed the problem immediately! Thank you!

Missy S.

Local Construction Company
A gold circle with a white thumbs up.

Very Grateful

Chris was extremely helpful in making sure that I did not miss any connections for the workstations that were moved in our recent installation of new furniture. He also straightened out the [wire] attached to the server and the [battery] backup. I am very grateful!

Thomas H.

Local Non-profit
A gold circle with a white thumbs up.

Accurate, Helpful, Knowledgeable, Prompt, Proactive

Travis is always a tremendous help for us! We appreciate his knowledge and capabilities.

Bruce V.

York Trucking Company
A gold circle with a white thumbs up.

Accurate, Knowledgeable, Prompt

Great job, The switch to the new computer was smooth and well done! Thanks

Gus F.

Local Municipality
A gold circle with a white thumbs up.

Confident Handled the Issue

Didn’t make me feel like an idiot-did not talk down to me in any way-made me feel comfortable and confident-handled the issue quickly-thanks for being there!!

Sue M.

York Non-profit
A gold circle with a white thumbs up.

Complete Trust

Chris understood the issue and solved it quickly. I completely trust Chris to know our network and understand the issues that come up.

Thomas H.

Gettysburg Non-profit
A gold circle with a white thumbs up.

Accurate, Helpful, Knowledgeable, Prompt, Proactive

Angela was very helpful. She explained what had occurred, how it occurred and gave me a better understanding how the scammers function. Very bright person. Thanks, Bill

Bill U.

Camphill Non-profit
A gold circle with a white thumbs up.

Accurate, Helpful, Knowledgeable, Prompt, Proactive

I really enjoy working with Dan. He takes time to understand the issues and works diligently to get us on the right track.

Thomas H.

Gettysburg Non-profit
A gold circle with a white thumbs up.

Great Team

All of your employees have been great to work with!

Sonya G.

Local York Municipality
A gold circle with a white thumbs up.

Accurate, Helpful, Knowledgeable, Proactive, Prompt

Travis is always able to tackle the long list of challenges I have been saving up. And he works out really creative solutions to some of my goofy problems. He is a gem!

Antigoni L.

Local Gettysburg Company


Why Work with a Local IT Company?


It’s easy to search for “IT companies near me” but finding a truly local company can be tricky. Many IT companies near you may say they are local but have outsourced help desks. TREYSTA’s help desk is completely local, staffed with a team living throughout Central PA and Northern MD. This means we understand the needs of local businesses versus a company that may be in a completely different time zone!


Here are 6 great reasons why working with a local IT company matters:


1. Personalized service:

Local IT companies like TREYSTA are often more invested in the success of their clients and are therefore more willing to provide personalized service to ensure that their clients’ IT needs are met.


2. Quick response times:

A local IT company near you will be able to respond to your business’ IT needs more quickly than a larger, out-of-town company, which can be especially important in the event of a crisis or emergency. TREYSTA is proud to have a response time of less than 5 minutes!


3. Better understanding of local market:

Local IT companies such as TREYSTA are typically more familiar with the local market, which helps them provide more effective IT solutions that are tailored to the unique needs of your business.


4. Building relationships:

By working with a local IT company near you, you can build a long-term relationship with them, which can be beneficial for both parties in the long run. TREYSTA is here to relieve any IT anxieties you may have and to keep your business up and running.


5. Cost-effective solution:

A local IT company can provide cost-effective solutions for small business owners. As they are not dealing with a wide geographical area, the operational costs are lower, and this is passed on to clients in the Central PA area.


6. Accountable:

As a local company, you can go and visit TREYSTA at either of our two locations in Gettysburg or York if need be. This makes us more accountable for our work and services. Furthermore, by being a local IT company, TREYSTA can be on site to your business in less than a day should the need arise. This means TREYSTA will never leave you high and dry when you need us most!


The Importance of using a Local IT Company


Being local isn’t just important to you, but also to the local team of experts at TREYSTA. Angela, our Services Manager said, “It’s important to support each as businesses in the same community.” She also added, “By being local, [we are] able to send our technology specialists out same day for resolutions and provide [monthly] local visits in person [by our Client Technology Managers (CTM)].” TREYSTA provides peace of mind by ensuring your onsite technology is up to date and running smoothly while also providing remote help.

At TREYSTA we focus on building a relationship with you by getting to know each other first. We take the time to really get to know each of our clients. “I think it is important because you are building community relationships and you are working with the same people you are living with in your community,” said our Service Coordinator Megan. Rob, TREYSTA’s VP of Sales and Marketing echoed the same feeling by stating, “It is important because we are in the same community as the clients we support.  We have a better understanding of how things work in Central PA and what is important to our clients.”


Building Trust with Local Businesses in Central, PA and Northern, MD


The conversation doesn’t end there. Andrew, who is the VP of Operations here at TREYSTA had this to say, “Being local has always resonated with me closely coming from and growing up in a small town. It boils down to trust. There is a trust level of doing business with others locally as you may know the person you are working with, or recommendations come from people close to your inner circle.” As your local IT company, TREYSTA is here to provide you high quality service that you can depend on for years to come.

He also added, “The business doing the work for you will want to do a quality job as they will have a reputation to hold up locally to remain successful. The same goes for being able to work with a service desk who is based locally instead of being outsourced to a different state or country. Having members of a service desk based locally in the areas serviced […] allows for a relationship to be built between technician and client. Ultimately, the goal with that relationship building [is to] earn trust so the client knows we have their best interest at heart.”


TREYSTA is Here for You


We work with all small-to-medium-sized businesses and organizations throughout Central PA and Northern MD. At TREYSTA, we know that your business needs to focus on serving new clients and maintaining existing ones without worrying about IT issues. We’re your local IT company to make sure your business or organization continues to succeed by ensuring the quality, stability, and reliability of your IT systems.

Our staff of IT professionals follows a proven formula to deliver world class results to all of our clients. From remote monitoring to help desk to technology consulting, we can deliver results that will allow your organization to concentrate on your area of expertise while we take care of everything “technology.”

With offices in Gettysburg and York, we’re right in your backyard. Let us take away your anxieties when it comes to IT support and IT solutions.

Give us a call, or send us a message, and speak to one of our local IT service professionals today.


IT COMPANIES NEAR ME | Harrisburg, York, Frederick

by | Feb 7, 2023 | TREYSTA News & IT Education

TREYSTA is right in your backyard.

We help organizations in YorkGettysburgHarrisburg, and throughout Central PA remove the anxiety from their Information Technology systems.

Let us take care of your IT.


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