Who Can You Call For Business Computer Help In Central Pennsylvania

TREYSTA technology management provides business computer help services for organizations throughout Central Pennsylvania.

Business Computer Help In Central Pennsylvania

In the current highly digitized world where tech capabilities define business success, you need a reliable business computer support service to take care of the technical aspects of your business, so you focus on improving your bottom line. Without dedicated technical support, critical aspects of your operations will not run optimally, translating to inefficiencies, costly downtime, nonproductive, and revenue losses.

TREYSTA Technology provides reliable business computer help to all businesses in the Central PA and Northern MD areas, in cities like York, Harrisburg, and Frederick. Our IT solutions are designed to enable your company to stay competitive by leveraging the latest tech to reduce costs, improve efficiencies, enhance productivity, and optimize customer service.

We understand you may not have the resources or technical skills to keep pace with the current technological advancements. Our dedicated IT team provides on-site and remote IT solutions for small businesses designed to eliminate the need to hire on-site IT professionals.

TREYSTA Technology provides comprehensive business computer help solutions in Central Pennsylvania

At TREYSTA, we understand no two businesses are the same. This is why we offer highly customized solutions designed to meet your specific business needs and budgets. The following is a list of the IT solutions that we provide for businesses in the Central Pennsylvania area:

Managed IT Services

We provide a range of managed IT solutions, from setting up your network, managing security issues to storing and backing up your data securely in the cloud. Our managed IT solutions ensure you enjoy access to highly specialist skills at a fraction of the cost you would spend hiring an in-house team of engineers. Our solutions guarantee quick resolutions of issues and unlimited access to the latest technology and innovative solutions to help you maximize productivity and increase profits.

Some of managed IT solutions that we provide include:

• Network set up, testing, and monitoring

• Proactive monitoring and maintenance of IT systems and networks

• Priority support and user and device management

• Security and compliance

• Maintaining installations and upgrades

• Backups and disaster recovery

Managed Cybersecurity

Cybercrime is now a critical subject that poses a genuine and ever-present danger to most businesses. According to Security Magazine, there are over 2,200 cyber-attacks each day, translating to nearly one cyber-attack every 11 seconds. With the surge in data breaches and other forms of cybercrime, many businesses in Central Pennsylvania are running devoid of any peace of mind. Notably, small businesses are the main targets of sophisticated attacks because most lack adequate resources to protect their environments. At TREYSTA Technology, our IT security team is abreast with the latest forms of attack threats facing your IT environment. Our cybersecurity approach focuses on multiple layers of cyber protection and a strong network perimeter defense to ensure every vulnerability is covered.

Some of the managed cybersecurity solutions that we provide include:

• Managed firewall

• Active network management

• Periodic network inspections

• Proactive monitoring of your systems

• Anti-malware, anti-virus, DNS filtering, and anti-spam protection

• Security training for your staff

• Virtual private network

• Managed endpoint security

Managed cloud security

Help Desk Services

When you are in the middle of your work, and an issue impacts your IT, you need it resolved fast. Our help desk services are not only responsive in terms of remote support, but we are also local in case you need on-site support. TREYSTA Technology’s IT team has the resources, tools, and experience to remotely access your computer and resolve the issues within minutes, so you avoid lengthy downtime. Whether you are deploying new technologies, replacing old equipment, or opening a new office, our remote and on-site help desk team is ready to offer reliable support that meets all your needs. Our help desk services include:

• Proactive monitoring and maintenance: Our team will keep a close eye on your systems and networks for proactive resolution of issues that may occur in future

• Regular patching and updates: We will continually patch and update your network to guarantee optimal security and functionality

• 24x7x365 support: We provide around the clock support via phone or web where we can remotely access your equipment and quickly resolve issues

Cloud Support

A study by International Data Group reveals 69% of businesses are already using cloud technology, with another 18% planning to implement cloud computing solutions in the near future. Cloud computing offers myriads of benefits that you would otherwise miss with on-premise infrastructure. Cloud solutions help businesses easily access data from anywhere, efficiently run their organizations, provide better customer service, and increase their overall profit margins. TREYSTA Technology offers cloud and hosted IT services that reduce hardware requirements and the cost of implementation, provisioning, and support. Some of our cloud services that can benefit your business include:

• Managed Microsoft office 365

• Managed Microsoft Azure

• Managed Cloud Backup

• Email and Web Hosting

Notably, all our cloud services meet the required compliance standards from a range of regulatory bodies from HIPAA to SSAE to PCI. With our managed cloud services, you are guaranteed fewer troubleshooting issues, translating to fewer IT infrastructure maintenance costs.

Onsite & Cloud Data Backup Services

In the current highly volatile business environment, your company needs a managed data backup solution to ensure your data is adequately backed up and easily recoverable in case of unexpected disasters. TREYSTA Technology provides the ideal data backup services that guarantee quick recoverability of data in case of theft, malware, accidental deletion or natural disasters such as fire and flooding. We leverage both enterprise-based on-site backup solutions and secure cloud backup to store and back up your data. Our cloud backup solutions guarantee cloud-based versions of your servers, desktops, file storage, and application hosted in a secure Data Center, which you can access 24/7.

VoIP Business Telephone Services

You need affordable and reliable phone services to run your business efficiently. We provide unmatched Voice over Internet Protocol Business Phone solutions that enable you to make and take calls from anywhere via the internet. VoIP solutions don’t only save you money; it also guarantees you stay connected even when phone and power lines are down in your area. Our VoIP business phone solutions come with the following capabilities:

• Conference calls

• Unlimited extensions

• Call forwarding

• Smart voice mails

• Transfer and auto attendant

• Instant messaging

• User-friendly travel options

Get Exceptional Business Computer Help in Central Pennsylvania Today

TREYSTA Technology provides reliable computer Help and Managed IT Services for small and large businesses and organizations. Our goal is to provide the technical expertise and support you need to keep your systems running smoothly, so you can execute critical business processes quickly and efficiently. We will continuously monitor and maintain your computer systems, troubleshoot and resolve technical issues, back up your data, secure your IT environment, set up accounts for new employers and new users, replace and repair computer equipment, and more. Contact us today to learn more.


Updated: 2/07/2023