Easy To Follow Business Growth Strategy

Cloud technology enables you to pay for the resources your business utilizes per month, making your IT budgeting process more predictable.

One Very Easy To Follow Business Growth Strategy

The COVID-19 pandemic was a catalyst for many businesses to migrate some or all of their IT services to the cloud to promote a remote workforce. Whether you have already moved to the cloud or are planning to do so, cloud computing can significantly accelerate your business growth. Cloud technology enables you to pay for the resources your business utilizes per month, making your IT budgeting process more predictable. Cloud resources can be anything from software applications such as Microsoft 365 to virtual servers or network infrastructures. Overall, cloud computing puts powerful technology at your fingertips and provides access via any device from anywhere around the globe.

How Cloud Technology Accelerates Business Growth

Cloud technology providers such as Microsoft have invested billions in securing powerful servers to enhance data protection. Migrating your IT services to the cloud reduces downtime risks compared to a traditional on-site server. For instance, if one of Microsoft’s servers fails to load, your data will still be redistributed to other servers in the network, ensuring 100 percent redundancy. Besides, they have servers situated all over the world.

Here are some key growth benefits your business can reap when you adopt cloud-based applications and services:

1: Cost Saving

If you are looking to accelerate your business growth, you need to plan in a financially viable manner. Virtually all cloud-based services can be bought on a per-user, monthly basis. This helps to significantly reduce the often-hefty capital expenditure on your IT budget. If you usually run licensed Windows installations on your computers, you are probably aware of how inconvenient software updates can impact your productivity and finances.

Cloud-based IT services eliminate this problem almost entirely because you will use the same software version as everyone else on the network. Rather than grappling with software updates that happen every couple of years, cloud technology provides a service that naturally evolves on a day-to-day basis.

2: Agility

Assume that your business needs two extra employees tomorrow to boost your workforce for a new contract you just landed. It can be a hassle setting up new desks, workstations, and computers in a day. But if you are predominantly running cloud-based applications and services, you can quickly and easily scale up or down to meet your needs. And once you have completed the project, you won’t have to worry about having the two extra desks, workstations, and computers sitting in your office gathering expensive dust.

3: Location Flexibility

In today’s highly connected marketplace, you’ll occasionally need to roll out employees in different locations and settings throughout the world. Whether it’s a trade expo, show, pop-up retail location, or client site, cloud technology provides the flexibility to do business anywhere with ease. Besides, you won’t have to endure the pain of dealing with customs and local engineers when deploying technology in foreign countries.

4: Supports Change

To sustain business growth, you need to rethink how you work and adapt to the changing workforce demands. Hybrid workforces are currently the new norm, and your business needs to lay a contingency plan to allow employees to work from home or the office as the situation demands. Cloud technology has made business processes more adaptable and robust, creating growth opportunities.

5: Supports Collaboration

With cloud technology, your team members don’t have to send documents around via email. Cloud computing supports a collaborative workforce by ensuring everything is centralized with documents and files updated in real-time. Besides, cloud technology ensures that your entire business process is streamlined onto a single platform.

You can also extend this collaboration to business partners and your entire supply chain. With proper access control, your business partners can connect and collaborate from anywhere in the world. Rather than send documents between individuals, you can streamline the entire supply chain process onto the cloud to minimize operational costs. As a result, you can speed up business processes and free up resources to focus on your customers, generate more revenue, and accelerate business growth.

6: Provides Powerful Real-time Data

Cloud technology collects real-time data regarding business processes and leverages machine learning to provide critical data analytics and tools. Machinery components, medical devices, and manufacturing production lines can connect to the cloud to get insightful real-time data. The data can then be accessed by management to enhance decision-making. With data analytics, you can identify your business’ areas of strength and weaknesses and decide on what you want to focus on to accelerate business growth.

7: Supports Innovation

Cloud technology is highly scalable. You can add anything from an application or database to a virtual server in a few clicks. Traditionally, when a company wanted to try a new application, they would invest in the new application plus compatible hardware, and the entire process would take a lot of time and resources. And if it didn’t work out, the entire technology would go to waste.

Fortunately, cloud technology allows transformation and experimentation. You can take risks with new technology solutions with minimal investment. Moreover, you won’t have to forgo any growth opportunity due to budgetary, resources, or time constraints. With cloud technology, you can easily scale up and down quickly. Additionally, you can ramp up resources during busy periods instead of investing in expensive in-office hardware.

Wrap Up

Overall, cloud computing can incredibly accelerate your business growth in a fast-paced marketplace. However, there is no one-size-fits-all approach when deploying cloud technology. You need to assess your individual business needs to find the right cloud solution. With private and public cloud solutions available, our IT experts at TREYSTA Technology Management can help your business harness the full potential of cloud technology to accelerate growth.

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