The Importance of Two Factor or MultiFactor Authentication

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) is an electronic authentication method that provides more than one form of identity verification for access to online platforms.

The Importance Of MultiFactor Authentication

As you may have seen in recent news, there have been several large ransomware attacks. Traditional passwords are not secure on their own anymore. Hackers have moved from simple spraying and relaying attacks to more sophisticated forms of pharming and spear phishing. They work round the clock to develop numerous tried and tested methods of getting your credentials to access your private accounts.

Statistics show that hackers have more than 15 billion stolen credentials to use in their attempts to gain unauthorized access to accounts. If they settle on yours, you stand to lose a lot once they take over your health care records, bank accounts, and company secrets.

Microsoft engineers say that 99.9 of the account compromises they handle were avoidable if users had implemented MFA.

Why Should You Use Multi-Factor Authentication?

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) is an electronic authentication method that provides more than one form of identity verification for access to online platforms. The system, application, or network will not allow you to access it unless you get all these identification details rights.

MFAs come in three types, the first one being something you know, like your PIN, password, or secret knocks. The second is something you have, like a smartcard, key, or phone. The third type is something you are, for example, biometric verification like retina scan, fingerprint, or voice recognition.

The growing development of adaptive MFA solutions means that the technique is incredibly hidden to the user. It allows you, as an admin, to adapt to the required level of security based on the context of the login attempt. It will prompt you to use MFA if the login seems suspicious based on the time, place, and device used for the login attempt.

While the market is awash with many MFA solutions, they vary in their features and functions. Searching for a reliable solution can be challenging and confusing, but it doesn’t have to be.

A Reliable MFA Solution from DUO

At TREYSTA, we use an MFA solution from Cisco’s DUO. The solution uses a second layer of proof to secure your applications, for example, a phone or token, to evaluate user identity before allowing you to access the platforms. While 80% of hacking incidents revolve around compromised passwords, two-factor authentication means that whatever application or service you’re logging into double-checks that the request is coming from you by confirming the login with you through a separate venue.

DUO provides an easier way to implement multi-factor authentication. As a platform designed for a digital workplace, it functions on a zero-trust philosophy that addresses the flawed assumption that everything inside the corporate network can be trusted. A core principle of zero-trust security is that cybersecurity isn’t a one-size-fits-all plan, even within the same organization.

Why Does TREYSTA Recommend Cisco’s DUO to Users?

DUO is Cisco’s user-friendly platform that keeps businesses ahead with the ever-evolving cybersecurity landscape. It provides scalable access to help you verify identity in seconds in any environment. Besides, it also comes with features that protect any application on a device.

Safety and security

Ransomware is on the rise, and it is no longer a matter of if but when it will happen. Password theft is changing, but hackers use three primary techniques to steal passwords. One is keylogging or secretly recording the keys you strike on your keyboard. They also use phishing, where they fraudulently ask you for sensitive information through SMS, email, or a phone call. The third technique is pharming, where they install malicious codes onto a device to redirect you to a fraudulent website to steal your credentials.

MFA serves to ensure your organization stays secure on the networks and applications. Even if hackers have your credentials among their list of stolen passwords, you will be at an advantage if you have activated MFA.

When incorporated with Dark Web ID, the platform makes it easier to assess your networks and create a report for any compromised data and credentials through the dark web. The ID Agent’s Dark Web ID API will generate an analysis for all your exposed credentials as we run a Security Risk Assessment, providing a sample of the affected emails, credential exposures, and masked passwords.

With this knowledge, we can help you avoid breaches that emanate from dark web activity. The tool demonstrates the need for enhanced IT security for your networks. It gives you added protection for peace of mind and reduces the risk of user error. Overall, you can keep confidential information secure.

Modern, Effective Multi-Factor Authentication

Cisco’s DUO multi-factor authentication solution is designed to offer a streamlined and straightforward login process for enhanced user experience. As a cloud-based solution, you won’t experience problems when integrating it with your existing technology platforms.

User-Friendly, Secure Authentication

Cisco is a reliable company that allows you to add MFA to your security stack without disrupting your team. The easy-to-use app is available for download and is fast and easy for users to set up. With the several available authentication methods, your employees can choose the one that best works in their situation. Since the software is a self-enrollment platform, you can easily add it to any platform or environment with ease.

A Scalable MFA Solution

DUO functions as a gateway for your current and future IT infrastructure. As such, it comes as the perfect solution that helps you grow your business, regardless of its size. You can easily create new user accounts and devices at any time and protect new applications instantly without tampering with legacy technology.

Multi-Factor Authentication Services

Multi-factor authentication is one of the requirements you should not overlook in your cybersecurity measures. The extra layer of protection the technique offers comes in handy to reduce the risk of having your systems hacked.

TREYSTA would like to stress the importance of multi-factor authentication or MFA, and that is why we are introducing Cisco’s DUO to you. If you haven’t put an MFA solution in place already, there is no better time to do so. For more information on MFA and its importance, don’t hesitate to contact our sales desk at or 888-242-0244.