What is MFA, and Why Do You Need It?

Mulit-Factor Authentication or MFA offers additional cybersecurity protection for large and small companies.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Here is the conventional but not so safe process that users follow to log into your business networks: they enter their username and a familiar password they probably use for multiple other online accounts. Then they are in and can go about their daily operations.

Unfortunately, this form of online security is no longer ideal. Research shows that 54% of users have five or fewer passwords for all their online accounts. This has the potential of creating a “domino effect,” making it possible for hackers to access multiple accounts if they manage to crack just one password.

In other words, passwords, as you traditionally knew them, are dead. The information your business holds online is too sensitive to secure with a single string of characters. This is where multi-factor authentication (MFA) comes in as a better method of securing your online data.

Understanding MFA

Multi-factor authentication requires users to use more than one verification factor to access a resource like an online account, an application, or a VPN. This requirement helps a service or application double-check that the rightful owner of the account is the one trying to gain access. For example, when a website sends you a code with four to six digits to your phone for you to enter for admission, that is MFA at work. It confirms your identity by asking for an additional login factor through a separate venue.

While 80% of data breaches happen due to compromised passwords, two-factor authentication means that every application or service you’re trying to access double-checks that the request is coming from you. It confirms the login with you through a separate venue unknown to everyone else, reducing the rate of successful hacking attempts. This makes MFA a core component of robust identity and access management policies.

How Does MFA Work?

MFA requires you to provide additional verification information to access an account. Among the most common MFA factors is using one-time passwords (OPT) that you receive through SMS, email, or some mobile app. With this kind of MFA, a new code is created periodically, or every time an authentication request is submitted. The generation of the code is determined by a seed value assigned to you when you first register on that platform. It also involves another factor that could be a time value or an incremented counter.

Why Do You Need MFA?

MFA works by actively involving you in cybersecurity matters, helping you to remain alert under all circumstances. It also creates an environment where users are well-informed participants in their digital safety. When you receive a 2FA notification, the first thing that will come to mind is to ask yourself if you initiated the login attempt or someone is attempting to access your account.

MFA creates a partnership between you and administrators on the other end of the platform. This goes a long way in underlining the importance of security with every transaction you make. It highly contrasts other web security methods that happen to be highly passive and don’t involve end users as collaborators.

In cloud computing, MFA has become even more crucial. As businesses move their systems to the cloud, it’s no longer viable for users to be on the same network as a system and a security factor. This is why they must use additional security measures to prevent bad actors from gaining access, given the remote nature of work, especially during the pandemic.

A Reliable MFA Solution for Your Business

As you may have seen in recent news, there have been several large ransomware attacks. TREYSTA would like to stress the importance of multi-factor authentication or MFA. At TREYSTA, we use MFA from Cisco’s DUO, which protects your applications, platforms, or systems by using a second source of proof or identity, like a token or phone, to establish the true user identity before allowing you permission to gain access.

What is Cisco’s DUO?

Cisco’s DUO is a multi-factor authentication platform designed for the modern workforce. It works based on a zero-trust philosophy, assuming that no part of your business system can be trusted. As such, everything is treated as suspect, with the solution working to secure every aspect of your system.

Why Use Cisco’s DUO?

One of the reasons we strongly advocate for DUO as a reliable MFA platform is the level of safety and security it delivers. If you’re not ignorant about cybersecurity, you know that ransomware is on the rise, and it is no longer a matter of if but when it will happen. If a password has been compromised, you still have the added protection of MFA protecting your information.

User Friendly 

Besides, DUO is user-friendly and super secure. Its installation does not disrupt your users as its setup process is easy and fast. Moreover, the platform provides various authentication methods, allowing your team to choose the one that works best for them. This reduces the risk of error while keeping sensitive information highly secure.

Ease of Integration with Other Platforms

You can easily integrate DUO with other security software for added security for peace of mind. For example, you can effortlessly incorporate the Dark Web ID Agent that uses a combination of human and machine intelligence to further protect your systems.

The platform works by scouring the web to search, identify, and analyze any of your company’s compromised credentials. It then creates a report, alerting you of any looming trouble. This way, you can change those credentials before hackers use them to their advantage. However, DUO blocks all hacking attempts by activating MFA if you fail to do this in good time.

Allows Your Business to Scale Fast

DUO functions as the gateway for your existing and future IT infrastructure. Therefore, it comes as the perfect solution for every business that wants to expand beyond the horizon. Setting up new users and supporting new devices is easy without impacting legacy technology.

Besides, Cisco is known as a reliable company, and the DUO app is available for download. For more information on MFA and its importance, please contact our sales desk at sales@teamtreysta.com or 888-242-0244.