8 Ways Outsourcing IT Support In Hanover PA Can Boost Your Company

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8 Ways Outsourcing IT Support In Hanover PA Can Boost Your Company

Outsourcing IT support in Hanover PA can help boost your business in a variety of ways. Here are a few examples of why you might want to consider taking your IT support systems in a different direction other than doing it in-house.


One excellent reason to outsource your IT support Hanover PA is that it’s often cheaper than doing it any other way, including trying to make people you already have done it. The problem with having staff do this is that you often have to pay their full salaries, health insurance, and other benefits. By outsourcing the IT support, you will instead be able to pay for exactly what you need instead of just hoping that the team you hire will end up always having the exact right amount of people, never too few or too many.

The Best Staff Possible

When you run your own people to handle IT support Hanover PA, you run the risk of having all sorts of management problems in terms of always having the right staff, making sure they are always up to date with the latest software solutions and problem-solving techniques, and so on. If you instead go with a company that specializes in this stuff, you will help to eliminate a lot of those headaches.

Cutting Back on Anxiety

As a business owner or manager, you have a hundred things to worry about anyway. Adding to this by forcing yourself to also worry constantly about IT problems is not going to do anyone any favors. On top of that, it definitely doesn’t do too much to help with morale at your company. Everyone tends to stress out more when it comes to their work if there’s no Internet service or if there’s some kind of other computer problem.

For one thing, it tends to cut back on what people are even able to do without a computer, which is frustrating all by itself. However, it also often makes employees worried about what’s going to come next and how long it will be before they can get back to doing all of their work normally.

Round-the-Clock IT Support and Reduced Downtime

The best IT support companies will add special programs to monitor your system at all times. They will then pair that with a team that is always on the lookout for problems. In 2016, downtime cost companies around $256,000 per hour on average. This is exactly why it’s so important to make sure that you have a team you can access whenever you need to and that is looking out for your systems at all times.

You never know when something could go wrong, and eliminating downtime is critical for the success of just about any business. After all, you can’t be awake at all times, so you need a company capable of keeping a lookout on your behalf.

Risk Management

Things can always go wrong when it comes to just about any business. Regulations from the government can change at any minute, competitors can find some edge on you, the economy can change, and so on. The ever-changing nature of the world and the fast improvement of technology also adds to this problem of risk.

The major advantage you get with an IT company is that they will end up assuming a lot of risks themselves instead. They have to have a constantly up to date understanding of risks associated with IT, and as a result, they can handle it better than your average company that doesn’t focus on that.

Ability to Focus on Business

Unless you run an IT business specifically, it’s likely there are other things you’d rather do than worry constantly about IT. The beauty of an IT support team that you can outsource is that it allows you to instead focus on what you do best, namely your core business. Many other aspects of that business you have to make sure you keep an eye on so that it doesn’t hold you back, including IT, but it’s not exactly ideal to always have to draw focus away from the main part of what you do.

The more you can outsource things unrelated to your main business, the more you will be able to focus on making the main part of your company thrive. The more you can do that, the more prosperity you will have.

Gain More Resources Than You Would Otherwise

Smaller businesses especially tend to lack the advantages of bigger businesses in terms of what kind of top of the line tech and services they are able to access. Outsourcing IT support means that these specialized companies will have access to many of those technologies that your business may not be able to use otherwise due to the cost of buying them outright.

It can have a big effect on productivity, how efficient everything runs, as well as how much your agents can take those advantages on the go.

Better Security

An IT support company always has to worry about security issues since it is a never-ending fight with computer systems, constant new viruses, and more and more hacker tricks. This means that this kind of company will tend to be inherently better at handling these issues than an unrelated company.

If the last few years have demonstrated anything, it’s the danger of computer breaches. 4.8 million users at V-Tech had data stolen. At T-mobile, it was 15 million. Walmart had significant breaches, and on it goes. As a result, the more specialists you can throw at your data security, the better.

Getting Started

For more information about how a high-quality company like Treysta can help you out with IT support, please don’t hesitate to go ahead and contact us today. The benefits you get from outsourcing IT services to Treysta tend to go on and on. It’s not just security or cost-efficiency either, it’s compliance issues, peace of mind, and a lot more besides.

The faster you contact us, the faster we can get started handling your IT needs and keeping you safe.