5 Surprising Benefits to Outsourcing IT Support In Mechanicsburg PA

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5 Surprising Benefits to Outsourcing IT Support In Mechanicsburg PA

There are many benefits to getting IT support in Mechanicsburg PA. This is especially the case if you have a smaller business and you’re trying to even the odds a bit. Here are some surprising benefits to outsourcing IT support.

Easy Compliance Assurance

It’s not just security you have to worry about when protecting your data, it’s compliance issues as well. This includes adhering to standards like the PCI Security Standards. This can be a difficult thing to put into practice and then maintain on your own, especially if you’re a small company. It can be highly expensive to try and figure out with your own staff, and there’s no need since IT support in Mechanicsburg PA can handle it all for you.

Otherwise, you’d have to worry about have a firewall that has completely modern safety protocols for preventing data breaches, a proper DMZ, and full audits for all servers, workstations, and other relevant systems.

A specialty company can instead handle all of this for you since this is what they do.

Greater Uniqueness

Since you’ll be able to focus on what you’re good at rather than dumping resources into IT if you aren’t an IT-focused company, it will be easier for you to stand out from the crowd. You can focus on what makes your company unique from all others. This could mean lower prices, for example. It could also mean some highly unique product or service.

You won’t need to direct and cultivate people with IT specializations at all, so you can instead focus on hiring and encouraging those team members who know to help your company become better and better at whatever it’s trying to do to distinguish itself among its competitors.

This is a unique advantage that comes with outsourcing in order to pass off those tasks your company isn’t designed to accomplish.

Higher Levels of Competition

Going with an IT support company can also raise your level of competition when it comes to other companies in your field. Generally speaking, other companies that decide to do all of their own IT work will run into major problems. They will have to dump a considerable amount of effort into research and development just for starters.

It will also be necessary to worry about implementation all on their own with just the staff they happen to have. On top of that, it will be necessary to constantly focus on maintaining what they have, and constantly updating all knowledge and technology.

This is going to result in everything being more expensive for the company, and as a result, they may have to raise their prices. As a result, you could start beating them out with lower prices since you will have the advantage of not having to do any of that since you’re outsourcing it.

The company will also likely need to burn more effort and time as well as money. The loss of efficiency is something you will likely be able to take advantage of by having not just lower prices, but a shorter time to bring your products to market.

Airtight Security

Data breaches and other security issues are becoming more and more common. There were a number of data breaches for credit cards in hotels associated with Donald Trump in the last five years, for example. Lawyers spilled data for more than 70 million inmates through call logs and recordings.

All you have to do is look through the more recent data breaches as well to see how things are getting worse and worse. For example, in 2020, China’s social media site Sina Weibo had a wealth of information including usernames, location, gender, and other data for 172 million people leaked. Hackers were selling them on the internet.

Throughout the twentieth and twenty-first centuries, some of the biggest names in tech have had data breaches. This includes Yahoo, Zynga, eBay, Marriott, LinkedIn, and more.

The main takeaway you should get from this is that the scope of the problem is only eclipsed by how widespread it is. Only owners and managers that use companies that can handle IT support in Mechanicsburg PA and elsewhere have a chance of keeping their data where they want it, and not leaked everywhere all over the Internet.

Increased Resilience

Disasters are something that happens to just about any company at some point in its life. Examples of disasters might include an earthquake, flood, or other natural effects from the environment. It could be a particularly strong hacking attempt or any other problem that affects your business.

Whenever this happens, it’s always important for those in charge of a company to respond to the threat as quickly as possible.

It’s not just the viability of the company that’s at risk, after all, it could cause injuries to employees or even psychological damage. Beyond that, it could cause people to log insurance claims, you could have a hit to your revenue, there could be damage to the infrastructure of your buildings, and so on.

Most companies are practiced in responding to physical threats, but data attacks can be nearly as damaging. Companies that handle their own data may have no idea how to handle it if a flood destroys both their files and their physical backups.

IT support options will not only handle the backup of data to make this kind of data loss unlikely, but it will also free up resources to handle any kind of recovery that’s needed. They will allow you to be resilient and come back from a catastrophe quickly, in other words.

Getting the Support You Need

Overall, it’s important to get connected to an IT support company that can help you take advantage of these surprising benefits. Companies like Treysta know how important IT support really is for succeeding in the current climate, and they have the expertise and experience to make it happen.

For more information about how they may be able to help you in your endeavors, please don’t hesitate to go ahead and contact us today.