No one expects a disaster to take place, however, the real question is not if something will happen, but when will it happen.  There are many things that can be a catastrophe to your technology.  Having back-ups and redundancies are critical to combat down time.

The questions your organization needs to ask are:

- If something happens, how quickly do I need to be back up and running?

- If something would happen today, how far back in time would be acceptable to start again?  Would you be ok with redoing the day's work or do you need your back-ups to happen as work is being done?

TREYSTA can evaluate your situation and help plan for the "what ifs" of a disaster.  Our goal is to have all of your info accessible to you at any time.  Planing for an emergency situation can mean the difference between staying in business and closing your doors.  Because of this, TREYSTA can be trusted to aid you in disaster and recovery planning.

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