Computer Network Management

TREYSTA is your local team of computer network management professionals in Harrisburg, Gettysburg, York, and surrounding areas.

Benefits Of TREYSTA’s Computer Network Management Services

High-quality computer network management is an essential part of operational efficiency for companies of all sizes. Regardless of the number of computers and devices you have, they form a network that needs close attention.

From administration and maintenance to security and upgrades, managing your computer network may be complex and time-consuming. That’s why many companies choose to outsource this task.

At Treysta Technology Management, we can keep your computer network in top shape without the costs of hiring an in-house team to do it.

What is Computer Network Management?

Computer network management involves maintaining, servicing, securing, and upgrading your computer network. Whatever data you are working with, exchanging it within the network requires close attention. Meanwhile, any software your use within the computer network must be up-to-date to prevent breaches, breakdowns in downtime.

Since forming a network cuts IT costs and increases operation efficiency, the majority of businesses tend to do it. However, in a network, a single problem with one unit could result in a serious issue for all of them. Without proper management, these problems pile up, affecting the company’s bottom line.

In short, computer network management is making sure that your network operates seamlessly, allowing your employees to focus on performing their core tasks.

TREYSTA Computer Network Management Services

If you decide to outsource your computer network management to Treysta, you can take advantage of the following services.


1. Network Security

With the number of cyber threats growing exponentially, data security is the key concern for companies of all sizes. At Treysta, we assess the integrity of your current security measures and suggest effective adjustments. Network security services include:

  • Network audit
  • Managed firewalls
  • VPN integration
  • Zero trust network access implementation (optional)
  • Email security
  • Data loss prevention
  • Cloud network security

With the right approach to network security, you can avoid common threats like viruses, spyware, malware, and ransomware.


2. Network Design and Administration

Whether you want to adjust your network or build one from scratch, our team can help you do it by managing:

  • Hardware selection and installation
  • Software installation and configuration
  • Wireless solutions
  • Physical or virtual server selection, installation, and configuration
  • Ethernet cabling

Before building a network, we assess your company’s needs, budget, regulatory requirements, and security needs. That’s why each network our team implements is unique. We can optimize the network for possible growth to accommodate your company’s plans for growing or scaling.


3. Data Storage and Recovery

With data being the most valuable asset for any business, it’s imperative to set up a robust data storage and recovery system. Treysta provides:

  • Backup tools and solutions – ensuring that data systems are regularly backed up according to the 3-2-1 rule (3 versions, 2 media, 1 offsite backup).
  • Backup administration – ensuring all backup systems are operating properly.
  • Backup scheduling – identifying which files to back up and how frequently to do it.

Our team will also determine the time it takes to recover data or systems from backup to resume normal operation. Minimizing this time is our top priority.

Disaster Recovery Plan

We will design an effective disaster recovery plan to help your company resume working as quickly as possible in case an unplanned incident occurs.

Our team will work out a disaster recovery procedure and train your employees to act according to plan. This will minimize or eliminate downtime in case a disaster (data loss, ransomware attack, natural disaster, server failure, power outage) strikes.


4. Regulatory Compliance

Depending on your industry, your computer network may need to follow specific requirements. For example, healthcare providers have to follow HIPAA security rules to protect patient data. Meanwhile, government contractors have to accommodate strict security requirements.

Our team considers all your industry needs and implements proper protocol to ensure full regulatory compliance.


5. Remote Monitoring and Management

Besides being available to manage your computer network on-site, our team can monitor and manage it remotely. This is a highly convenient approach for both your employees and our team.

We will also install remote monitoring and management software on your equipment in order to automate maintenance, check for updates, and monitor network issues.


6. Proactive Computer Network Management

Since technologies, legislation, and business requirements change all the time, your computer network needs regular assessment and adjustments. Doing this post factum could easily put you behind the competition or lead to unexpected downtime.

Proactive computer network management involves monitoring the IT industry for changes, innovations, and new legal requirements. Once something new appears, our team suggests what needs to be done to implement the new elements into your computer network.


7. Relocation Assistance

If you are planning to move your office, our team can help with all network-related relocation needs. By taking a comprehensive approach to migration, we help you avoid downtime. With timely planning and tried-and-tested procedures, we can relocate your network quickly and efficiently.


8. Software and Hardware Vendor Management

When building a robust network, you need to work with a variety of software and hardware vendors. Our team can help you with vendor research, selection, and negotiations to ensure the best possible collaboration terms.

Once the contract is signed, we will manage the relationship to evaluate performance, ensure timely payments, and keep licenses updated.


9. Close Collaboration

When you outsource computer network management to the Treysta team, you don’t need to give up control. Our experts work in close contact with your staff. Whenever your needs change, we adjust our tactics.

Treysta’s network specialists become an integral part of your IT team for a fraction of the cost of hiring new experts.

Benefits of Outsourcing Computer Network Management to TREYSTA

The key benefits of delegating your computer network management tasks to our team include:

  • Saved time
  • Cost efficiency
  • Proactive management
  • Top-notch data security
  • Smooth collaboration
  • Access to network experts
  • Latest network management solutions
  • Regulatory compliance

If you’d like to learn more about computer network management opportunities for your business, please contact our team at any convenient time.