Data Privacy Week 2024

Jan 18, 2024 | 4 minute READ

Data Privacy Week is an annual campaign to help individuals and businesses manage personal data – taking place from January 21 – 27, 2024.

What is Data Privacy Week?

Data Privacy Week is an annual campaign to help individuals and businesses manage personal data — taking place from January 21 – 27, 2024. Each year it is led by the National Cybersecurity Alliance (NCA). Data Privacy Week highlights the importance of protecting personal and sensitive information. However, it also serves as a reminder of the perpetual threat of data breaches, identity theft, and privacy violations.


Why is Data Privacy Week Important?

Websites and apps track your actions through methods like cookies and web beacons. Companies might record information such as the pages you visit, the time spent on each page, the links you click, and your IP address. No matter what you do, your online activities leave a trail of information behind.

This is why Data Privacy Week is so important. Per the NCA, this year’s initiative emphasizes educating businesses on data collection best practices that respect data privacy and promoting transparency. Companies that utilize data trackers or data collection must be held accountable for what is done with the data.

Most times, the data is used for advertising and analytics. Meaning, they are either looking to sell you a product or collecting data on how to improve their website or app. Unfortunately, companies may also sell your data to third party advertisers without your consent.

However, this also includes data a business collects such as employee records, client information, or payment and payment types.


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It’s Not Only Large Corporations…

Data collecting is valuable. Often when you download a new app or sign up for a new website, you’ll be asked to consent to their terms of service. Yet, if you review these terms, you’ll find they’re asking for data such as your contacts, photos, age, location, gender – the list goes on!

Consider why a simple app that may seem fun and harmless is asking for such personal data. Why would it need access to your photos and contacts? Why does it need to know your political alliance? What would you do if this data fell into the wrong hands?

Remember, it’s not only large corporations handling your data. Businesses of all sizes must be held accountable on how they keep both employee and customer data safe and secure.

2023 was a year of record breaking data breaches. It’s no longer an if it will happen, but when. Businesses need to understand the risks of such breaches and the importance of implementing security measures like security awareness training (SAT) or having cybersecurity insurance.


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The Importance of Data Privacy Week

Our data is collected every day and keeping it safe is important. Data Privacy Week underlines the significance of protecting personal and sensitive information from unauthorized access and misuse. From large corporations to small businesses, the need for cybersecurity is crucial.

Data Privacy Week promotes the following good practices for both businesses and individuals:

1. Always use a secure network – try to avoid using unsecured public Wi-Fi.

2. Learn the signs of a phishing attack.

3. Review what data your apps have access to.

4. Utilize strong, complex passwords and do not reuse passwords across multiple accounts.

5. Enable multifactor or two-factor authentication whenever possible.

6. Utilize security awareness training for employees.

7. And most importantly: regularly back up data!

It’s important to regularly back up data. If a security breach were to happen to a business, keeping data at an off site location ensures the protection of said information. Even if the bad actors implemented ransomware – a business can roll back their data to a safer time. This saves time, money, and their reputation.

Individuals should also consider backing up their data to a secure location. What would happen if you lost your personal laptop, phone, or tablet? Could you easily recover the important data?

Cyber insurance also plays a vital role in cybersecurity. It not only helps in covering financial losses but also supports businesses in navigating the complex aftermath of a cyber attack. This includes legal fees, costs associated with notifying customers about data breaches, and expenses related to public relations efforts to restore company reputation.


Join in the Conversation

During this important week long event, the NCA will host daily conversations regarding data privacy. Join a session below and learn more:

Give Data Brokers the Slip!

Tuesday, January 23rd from 3-3:30 PM ET


Protect Our Kids’ Privacy!

Wednesday, January 24th from 1-1:30 PM ET


Privacy and the Law

Friday, January 26th from 1-1:30 PM ET


Data Privacy Week Champion

TREYSTA is commitment to Data Privacy Week 2024 by registering as a Champion. As a Champion, TREYSTA recognizes and supports the principle that all organizations share the responsibility of being conscientious stewards of personal information.

For more information about Data Privacy Week and how to get involved, visit or contact TREYSTA. We’re here to help navigate the anxiety that comes with business technology.