March 2022


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Microsoft Pricing Update

In the fall of 2021, Microsoft announced changes to its licensing and subscription model as they move to end their Cloud Service Provider (CSP) program and launch the New Commerce Experience (NCE), which has been active as of January 1st, 2022. The New Commerce Experience (NCE) will help TREYSTA with the intricacies that come with Microsoft licensing.

Microsoft, with the release of NCE, will begin a monthly subscription option to correlate with any current annual subscriptions. This will give your business the flexibility to add or decrease licenses on a short-term basis as needed. Monthly subscriptions will be 20% more expensive than the annual licenses but will come with adaptability which may outweigh any additional cost. Please continue below for more information regarding monthly subscriptions.

Those who already know their yearly licensing needs, NCE will have 12- and 36-month subscriptions as two smart cost-saving options. Both subscriptions will allow your business to lock in a price for a standard term, which will give protection against any future price increase, while also allowing for either a monthly or annual payment schedule for your budgeting needs. Both subscriptions will allow for seat-count increases but will not include any decreases that may be needed.

For more information, and to review the new pricing, please click here or enter the following link into your favorite browser:

Russian Cyberattacks

Types of Cyberattacks

According to Wikipedia, ransomware is a type of malware that threatens to publish the victim’s personal data or perpetually block access to it unless a ransom is paid. Malware and viruses, like ransomware, are a type of malicious software that aims to damage your computer, server, or network. Phishing is another type of scam that can trick a person into clicking a malicious link that appears legitimate. After clicking the link, the device is then infected with a virus, malware, or ransomware.

What Can You Do?

Unfortunately, cyberattacks are here to stay, but here are some tips you can use to help prevent an attack: 

  • Train employees to be cybersecurity safe
    • Cybersecurity is a team effort; enrolling your team in security awareness training can reduce the risks of a phishing attack
    • Frequently change and create strong passwords on a regular schedule
    • When it doubt, do not open a questionable email or link
  • Back up your files
    • Cyberattacks are designed to steal or delete your data. Having a reliable secure backup of your data can help mitigate this risk. At TREYSTA, we encourage all to use DATTO for their data protection. DATTO provides daily backups of data, which can easily be restored once an attack is removed.
  • Use a firewall
    • A firewall is part of a computer system or network which is designed to block unauthorized access while still permitting outward communication. TREYSTA recommends SonicWall for any firewall needs, protecting your computer from any incoming attacks.
  • Use antivirus software
    • Antivirus software is an important protocol for any business. As the name implies, it helps protect against the threat of a virus on your computer or network. At TREYSTA, we recommend Webroot and Malwarebytes, which provides threat intelligence services to protect businesses and individuals.


If you have any questions regarding the above information, please reach out to our help desk. We are more than happy to help!

More Information:

Regarding Russian cyberattacks:

Join with TREYSTA in subscribing to Alerts | CISA for up to date information from the Federal level on current cybersecurity threats.


You may have noticed we have a new face here at team TREYSTA!

We would like to introduce a new member of the Client Technology Specialist team, Alex Hetrick. Alex has been with our team since mid-November and can be found working the help desk and in the field. He holds an associate degree in Network and User Support from Pennsylvania College of Technology and enjoys working on his own personal computer in his time off. A fun fact about Alex is that he competes in Power Lifting competitions!

Welcome to the team, Alex!

Windows 11
As you may have seen, Windows 11 has been released. Here at TREYSTA we ask that you do not upgrade on your own. We are currently having an internal evaluation of the new operating system. As with any new release, there may be complications which can cause compatibility issues with your business software. TREYSTA will make recommendations when it is time to upgrade. If you have any questions, please contact Rob Ginder at 717-885-9591 or

Did you know? – TREYSTA Ticket Portal

How to Sign Into and Use the Ticket Portal

1. To sign into the portal please click here: TREYSTA Customer Portal

2. Please click the applicable sign in:

  • If your company uses Microsoft Office, you can use your Outlook username and password.
  • For Google/Gsuite users, please click “Sign in with Google”.
  • If you do not use either of those, then please click sign in and then click “Forgot Password”. You will then use which ever email address is in our system (the one we frequently email you at) and it will email you a new password. Or you can give us a call and we will help you get started!

3. Now that you’re signed in, you can submit or look up a ticket! Need help submitting a ticket? Please click here.

Vendor Spotlight: SonicWall 

Why does TREYSTA use SonicWall? SonicWall is a prestigiously awarded company, and highly regarded in the world of IT. SonicWall helps delivers cybersecurity the new era where almost everyone is remote. SonicWall helps safeguards companies organizing for their new business normal with continuous protection that stops the most evasive cyberattacks. By knowing the unknown, providing real-time visibility and enabling breakthrough economics, SonicWall helps close the cybersecurity business gap for many businesses worldwide.

Customer Spotlight: Habitat for Humanity,

Greater Harrisburg Area

Since 1976, Habitat for Humanity has helped more than 35 million people construct, rehabilitate, or preserve homes and as of 2013, they are the largest not-for-profit builders in the world! Habitat invites all individuals, religious organization of all faiths, companies, and many more to help improve the living conditions of people with inadequate housing. In order to complete this, Habitat creates a joint venture in which those who benefit from the housing contribute their labor with “sweat equity hours” for the successful completion of their home! For more information on this organization, please click here.

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