TREYSTA News and Updates: September 2023

Sept 12, 2023 | 3 minute READ

Read the September edition of our newsletter. Learn the importance of security awareness, what the dark web is, and tips for avoiding phishing scams.

Cyberattacks happen every day. In fact, every 39 seconds there is a new attack happening somewhere on the web. This can range from ransomware, hacking, or most commonly, phishing attempts. In today’s connected world, the internet has made it possible for anyone to fall prey to cybercrime, as two local area residents recently found out.

A couple from the Gettysburg area fell victim to a cunning phishing attack. This unfortunate event serves as a stark reminder of the critical need for not only businesses but also for individuals to remain vigilant against such fraudulent attempts.

The victims, aged 75 and 81, lost a staggering $125,000 on the morning of August 30th, as confirmed by the Pennsylvania State Police. The scheme began with a seemingly innocent computer error message that instructed the victims to call a provided phone number to resolve the issue. Trusting the message, the couple made the call.

Upon connecting with the scammer, the victims were instructed to then download a program that allegedly aimed to fix the so-called computer problem. However, the scammer, now in control of the victim’s computer, directed them to yet another phone number. It was at this point that the cybercriminal began convincing the elderly couple that their bank account had been compromised and that urgent action was needed to safeguard their funds.

Tragically, the victims, fearing for their financial security, complied with the scammer’s demands and proceeded to transfer a significant sum of money out of their bank account. A deceitful act that ultimately cost them dearly.

Remaining vigilant and informed about the various tactics employed by cybercriminals can help you stay safe. Phishing attempts like the one experienced by this local couple can be exceptionally convincing, preying on people’s trust and sense of urgency. Be careful what you click and always think before you react. It is our responsibility to stay one step ahead of these cyber threats and to help those who may be vulnerable to them.

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A strong awareness of cyber security empowers organizations to recognize, prevent, and respond effectively to a wide array of cyber attacks, ranging from phishing scams to data breaches.

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