TREYSTA President Featured In Gettysburg Times — How Well Do You Know Your IT Team?

Our president was recently featured in the Gettysburg Times’ “Getting To Know” section. How well do you know your IT professionals?

TREYSTA President Featured In Gettysburg Times — How Well Do You Know Your IT Team?

Our president was recently featured in the Gettysburg Times’ “Getting To Know” section. How well do you know your IT professionals?

You may have heard that industry-leading, award-winning, unbeatable IT services come down to one specific thing.

Maybe it’s offering the latest, greatest, fanciest, tech gimmicks (which also tend to be the most expensive). Maybe it’s the lowest possible monthly price (coming, of course, with a long list of addendums, conditions, nickel-and-dime fees, etc.)

But what really matters in IT?

People, of course.

How Well Do You Know The People Taking Care Of Your IT?

Even though our work tends to be about technology, the Treysta team knows that it’s the personal side of our service that makes the biggest difference. It’s important to build informed and beneficial relationships with our clients.

And of course, it’s a two-way street! How well would you say you know our team?

You can find out a lot about our President, John M. George, in this recent edition of “Getting To Know” in the Gettysburg Times.

For example:

  • His hobbies include classic cars and his sons’ sports events.
  • His family also operates an ice cream truck out of Boiling Springs, Crazy Maisy’s Ice Cream, through which they participate in community events and fundraisers.
  • 3 items on his bucket list are to visit his family in New Zealand/Australia, own a Shelby Mustang, and take his wife on a trip to a tropical island with a white sand beach and drinks with little umbrellas… and no kids!

Now you know a little bit more about our president, and you can find out even more in the Gettysburg Times article. We are also committed to getting to know you, our clients because we believe it makes us better at what we do.

Why Is It Important For Us To Know Our Clients?

  1. Understand What They Need: It sounds simple, right? Knowing what the client actually wants out of their IT should be the first step to delivering those services, but often, the opposite is true. It can be easy to think that whatever services being offered are everything that a client could need. But the truth is that often a given client is really interested in one specific service or solution – an answer to their problem that got them looking for a new IT support provider in the first place. It seems obvious, but it’s crucially important to good service: once you know what’s needed, you can ensure it’s provided.
  2. Understand How They Communicate: We’re very careful about the technical jargon that technicians and engineers are prone to use when talking shop. While it’s acceptable around coworkers, that kind of high-level, incomprehensible language won’t be very helpful to the client during a support call. Also, we make sure not to forget to take into account the medium in which our clients prefer to get in touch. More and more these days, when someone has to get in touch, they do so via text or email instead of over the phone.
  3. Understand Their Goals: Lastly, for long-term success in service, we need to know where the client is headed – or, at least, where they’re trying to get to. After all, no business can get stagnant. It’s vital that they continue to grow and improve, and their IT environment is a big part of that. In our preliminary discussions with the client, we want to be sure to find out what their plans are for the next year, five years, and so on, and what role their technology could play in that plan.

Bottom line: the user experience is the single measurement for the quality of any given solution or service, and that includes IT services. All of that comes down to how well we know each other.

We hope you’ve enjoyed learning a bit more about our president, and that we can keep learning about you as well.

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