TREYSTA News and Updates: December 2023

Dec 11, 2023 | 3 minute READ

Read the December edition of our newsletter. Learn tips and tricks to spotting phishing attacks and check out this month’s help desk stats!

Phishing Attacks: How to Recognize Them and Keep Your Business Safe

Cybercrime is on the rise, and hackers are using any opportunity to take advantage of an unknowing victim to gain access to personal information for financial gain. The new “work from anywhere” world puts everyone at risk of cyber-attacks.

One commonly used tactic is phishing. Phishing messages are crafted with the end goal of capturing a person or an organization’s sensitive data. If your employees fall prey to phishing scams, it can affect your company network by transferring malware and viruses over internet connections.

One phishing email has the power to cause downtime for your entire business and, unfortunately, costs small businesses on average $53,987. As the scams get more sophisticated, they get harder to detect. Prepare your team for the next phishing threat by learning how to spot phishing schemes before they become a problem.

Types of Phishing Attacks

1. Mass Campaigns

Wide net phishing emails are sent to the masses from a knock-off corporate entity asking them to enter their cred… Keep Reading: Phishing Attacks: How to Recognize Them and Keep Your Business Safe

IT Education: Stay Ahead with Our Blogs

Why Law Offices Need Managed IT Services

Managed IT services can revolutionize your law firm’s operations. Learn the importance of cybersecurity, efficient data management, and how partnering with the right IT service provider can lead to improved efficiency, compliance, and cost-effectiveness.

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Happy Holidays!


May your holiday season be filled with good cheer and great company!

We will be closing early on December 8th for our annual holiday party.
Our office will also be closed on December 25 & January 1.

We will still be available to help clients who may require assistance.

Congratulations Cheryl!

Cheryl is the second winner of our raffle contest! She will receive a $25 gift card of her choice for leaving a comment with her technician rating.
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10 Tips on How to be Cyber Safe This Holiday Season

While the holiday season brings joy and cheer, it also brings increased cybersecurity risks. Remember, think before you click. Read reviews and stick to known brands. Do not become another statistic of fraud!

1. Make sure you have a secure connection.
2. Shop known brands and established retailers.
3. Be cautious with emails and social media! Watch for phishing attempts.
4. Use credit over debit for better fraud protection.
5. Regularly monitor your account activity

6. Always Use Strong, Unique Passwords.
7. Enable Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) whenever possible.
8. Keep your software up to date.
9. Avoid unsecured public Wi-Fi for shopping.
10. Keep yourself educated and up to date on the latest cybersecurity news!

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