Windows 10 Upgrade Advice from Technical Advisor Brett Musselman

The deadline for a “free” Windows 10 upgrade is July 28, 2016.  At this time we are sending new computers out the door with Windows 10 installed, unless there are specific requirements that prevent the use of Windows 10. As for upgrading existing systems, they are to be evaluated on an individual basis. 

Upgrading to Windows 10 is not required if you are running Windows 7 and above with Office 2010 or higher. Windows 7 will continue to be supported until January 14, 2020. We believe now is the best time to start upgrading in order to take advantage of Microsoft’s “free” upgrade program.  Microsoft has made the upgrade fairly smooth but there are still some considerations to take into account before upgrading.

Is my Hardware & Software supported by Windows 10?

We can say with most certainty that a computer running Windows 7 will run Windows 10 without issues, unfortunately we cannot say the same thing about software. Everyone’s environment is unique and each will need to be evaluated and tested to ensure application compatibility.

We do not want everyone to feel that an upgrade is immediately necessary, but we want to make sure that our clients understand their options before Microsoft makes any changes to the free upgrade offer. TREYSTA will be having conversations with all of its clients in the coming months.

If you have any questions or concerns about updates, please refer them to your CTM or contact us at 888-242-0244.  You can also e-mail with any upgrade questions.