Small Business Saturday: Why Shopping Local Matters

Nov 22, 2023 | 3 minute READ

From Gettysburg to Hanover to York and all the way up to Harrisburg – our state has a wonderful plethora of small businesses. But why does Central Pennsylvania have such a boon of them? And why is it important to support small businesses?

Embracing Local on Small Business Saturday

From Gettysburg to Hanover to York and all the way up to Harrisburg – our state has a wonderful plethora of small businesses. But why does Central Pennsylvania have such a boon of them? Small businesses thrive through a combination of great community support and smart adaptive strategies. (Like staying up to date with the latest technology trends!)

Starting in 2010, Small Business Saturday (SBS) has been an annual event that encourages consumers to support small and local businesses. It occurs on the Saturday after Thanksgiving, during one of the busiest shopping periods of the year. When you support a small business $48 out of every $100 goes back into the local economy. Comparatively, only $14 returns when shopping at a big box store.


The Power of Staying Local

Small Business Saturday is more than a yearly event; it’s a movement that encourages individuals and businesses to support local merchants. As a local company, TREYSTA technology management embodies this spirit every day. Our employees live and work in Central PA, bringing a personalized, community-focused approach to technology management. We understand your business’s needs because we shop here too!


Why Choose TREYSTA on Small Business Saturday?

If you’re considering shopping on SBS, also consider switching your business technology needs to TREYSTA technology management. We’re right in your backyard. We help small businesses and non-profits throughout Central PA manage their IT systems.

  1. Personalized Service: Our understanding of Central PA’s unique needs ensures that we provide tailor-made technology solutions.
  2. Swift Response: Proximity means quick, effective responses to your technology needs, reducing downtime and increasing productivity.
  3. Local Expertise: We understand the regional business landscape intimately, offering relevant and effective tech strategies.
  4. Community Investment: Choosing TREYSTA means contributing to the local economy, supporting job creation, and fostering economic growth in Central PA.
  5. Long-Term Relationships: We build lasting connections, standing by our community not just as service providers but as local partners in progress.

What Services does TREYSTA Offer to Small Businesses?

When you choose local businesses like TREYSTA, you’re doing more than just buying services or products. You’re investing in your community, strengthening the local economy, and fostering a sense of connectedness. Each local purchase is a vote for the community, a step towards a thriving, vibrant Central PA.

TREYSTA offers a comprehensive range of IT services designed to alleviate daily technological challenges and enhance business continuity:

Managed IT Services

TREYSTA provides fully managed IT services, ensuring that all aspects of a company’s IT needs are covered, from routine maintenance to more complex IT strategies. This includes direct support from local IT service professionals, ensuring a more personalized and responsive service experience​.

Network Security

In today’s digital age, network security is paramount for businesses of all sizes. TREYSTA takes significant steps to ensure the security of their clients’ network systems, protecting against unauthorized access and cyber threats. This includes ensuring that computer network doors are effectively locked, and security systems are armed, thereby safeguarding valuable data and infrastructure​.

IT Security and Maintenance

TREYSTA offers comprehensive IT security and maintenance services, which are critical for the smooth running of modern businesses. This encompasses a broad spectrum of activities, from regular system updates to preventive measures against potential security breaches​.

Cloud Applications and Data Backups

Recognizing the growing importance of cloud-based solutions, TREYSTA provides services related to cloud applications and data backups. These services ensure that businesses can operate flexibly and securely, with their data safely stored and easily accessible in the cloud​.

Consulting Services

TREYSTA offers consulting services to help businesses navigate the often complex world of technology. This includes guidance on implementing and maintaining sophisticated tech solutions, tailored to meet the unique needs of each business​.

IT Project Management Solutions

For businesses undertaking IT projects, TREYSTA offers project management solutions. This service ensures that IT projects are well-planned, executed efficiently, and delivered on time, aligning with the business’s strategic objectives​.

Remote Monitoring

With remote monitoring services, TREYSTA can keep an eye on clients’ IT systems from afar. This proactive approach helps in identifying and resolving issues before they escalate into major problems, thereby ensuring smooth and uninterrupted business operations​.


Join Us in Supporting Central PA

This Small Business Saturday, let’s come together to celebrate and support the businesses that make Central Pennsylvania unique. By choosing TREYSTA technology management, you’re not just selecting a technology partner; you’re embracing a community-focused approach that benefits us all.

Remember, SBS is more than just a day; it’s a reminder of the impact our choices have on the communities we live in. At TREYSTA, we’re proud to be part of this movement, providing technology solutions with a local touch. Join us in making a difference in Central PA, not just on Small Business Saturday, but every day.