Managed IT Solutions

What sets TREYSTA apart from our competitors?  You would probably expect to hear reasons like:  “We have great techs,” or “we go the extra mile,” or “we respond quickly," etc.  But to be honest, all technology services companies have to do these things to stay in business.  Most of our competitors have smart techs that can do a great job.  Unfortunately in today’s technology climate, this just isn’t good enough anymore.  TREYSTA has made significant investments in people, technology tools and processes development to allow us to deliver better results for our clients. 

Below are some of the key points about our “support plan”.

·      TEAM – With TREYSTA, you don’t get just one good tech.  You get a team of techs that specialize in various areas.

o   Help Desk – Just call, email or put in a service ticket to get a quick resolution to your technical issues on a daily basis.

o   Client Technology Manager (CTM) – A CTM is assigned to your account to be your onsite tech.  They will develop a close relationship with you and your employees as they solve problems and complete projects.

o   Virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIO) – Your vCIO will consult with you on how to deliver technology results that allow your organization to achieve your business goals.  Regularly scheduled visits with your vCIO will yield technology plans and budgets.

o   Support Staff – TREYSTA has a service coordinator to help with scheduling, an inside sales coordinator to get you equipment and software, and office staff to resolve any issues.


·      TECHNOLOGY – TREYSTA has made significant investments in technology tools to monitor and maintain your technical assets.

o   Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) Software – Our RMM is installed on your equipment so that we can monitor for issues, push out updates and automate tasks.  It’s like having a staff member watching and working on your network 24/7 without the expense!

o   Network Analysis and Discovery Tool – This tool allows us to get a complete overview of your network, maintain an accurate inventory of your assets and spot deficiencies that need to be addressed.

o   Professional Services Automation (PSA) Software – Our PSA allows you to enter and track service tickets in real time and provides reports with details of work accomplished.  No guessing about what we are doing!

·      PROCESS – You can have great people and great technology, but unless you have a defined, repeatable process, you won’t get                            the results that you deserve.  Everyone has to be using the same support plan.

o   TREYSTA has defined procedures for everything from onboarding our clients to patch management, security procedures and protocols, server and PC configuration, backup procedures, and much more.  Using known “best practices," we have taken the best ideas in the industry and applied them to our clients' technology.

o    During the vCIO reviews, we discuss with our clients where they are in and out of alignment with our best practices.  We also discuss the impact of being out of alignment.  Does being out of alignment increase your risk?  Decrease your productivity? Affect your ability to meet your business goals?

All of the above defines what we deliver to our clients.  We feel that it is the best way to assure that we deliver world-class technological results to our clients.  TREYSTA was formed in 2014 as a merger of Computerworks (Gettysburg) and Net-Aid (York) in order to have the resources available to create this “support plan”.    We look forward to working with you to implement your personal support plan!  Let us help you achieve your business goals with the effective use of technology!