10 Things Every Business Owner Should Consider as they Continue/Return to Work

After a few challenging months, it seems we are getting closer to a “new normal” in the South-Central PA area; businesses are opening their doors once again with new safety precautions in place, and employees are transitioning back to in-office work instead of full-time teleworking. As the dust settles, business owners are asking themselves, “what could we have done differently?” From an IT perspective, Team TREYSTA has been working hard to support and guide our clients during these uncertain times. Here’s what we know: Business Continuity and annual IT Investment has saved a lot of businesses from major collapse. If you’ve been wondering where to begin when evaluating your own Business Continuity plan, here’s an outline to get you started.

TREYSTA’s Top 10 list:

  1. How will your organization continue to operate and serve clients/constituents if you lose access to your physical office?

  2. What is the optimal role of “cloud” applications? Do you really need to host and maintain a large infrastructure?

  3. Phone system – if you still have an on-premise based voice system it’s time to consider “cloud” options with seamless messaging and “one-number” functionality to link handsets, cell phones, and PCs together on one-number.

  4. How will you leverage technology to reduce expenses on IT maintenance, utilities, and physical office space?

  5. Internet connectivity – how will you continue to operate if you lose your internet connection?

  6. What happens if you lose power from the local utility?  If you are down for an extended period of time, how will you access the internet, your applications, and make/receive phone calls?

  7. How are you managing and protecting your critical data and company trade secrets?

  8. IT and physical security – without breaking the bank, what steps can you take today to maximize your return on investment and gain protection?

  9. The bad guys have increased their efforts to commit theft and fraud (PA Unemployment scam is 58,000 cases and counting!). Ransomware is rampant and a major challenge for SMBs. How will you protect your business from being a victim?

  10. Flex-work – how will you provide your team members the ability to work remotely and in the office while making sure you are protecting your Team and company data?

Have questions? TREYSTA has answers and can help you prepare! To find out more please email Hannah at hsprenkle@teamtreysta.com.