Who We Serve

Small Business

Small businesses depend on technology to keep them competitive within today's marketplace.  Technology allows each team member to contribute more, enhance their efforts and keep the communication flowing.  TREYSTA understands small businesses and can aid in a more efficient use of technology to get more done in less time.

Mid-Sized Business

Mid-size businesses have many moving parts and departments.  Keeping those departments working together towards a common goal can be a challenge.  At TREYSTA, we understand this challenge and can manage and introduce technologies to increase efficiency in all areas.


Non-profits are on a mission.  The last thing that a non-profit should be concerned about is technology.  At TREYSTA, we partner with non-profits to allow them to focus on their mission while we manage their technologies.  From managed care to introducing new technologies, TREYSTA is here to help.



Don't take our word for how well TREYSTA takes care of it's clients. Hear from some of our customers!  We encourage you to reach out to them and ask them how we are doing.

Case Studies

Not sure how TREYSTA can help?  Check out some of our case studies and see how we have helped others.

Religious Organizations

Religious organizations work with volunteers as well as handle sensitive information.  Many times, religious organizations need technology to help a small team accomplish so much. TREYSTA can help your religious organization reach the masses.


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