What is Szymon watching??

He’s watching…!!!

What is Szymon watching?   As our Centralized Services Manager, Szymon does the following:

1.    Watches alerts sent from our monitoring software.   Szymon is looking for early warning signals that can be corrected BEFORE you have a major problem!   Alerts could be:  Running out of disk space, High memory usage, Overheating, etc.

2.   Watches to make sure all monitored backups completed successfully.   Just because the backup system was setup correctly initially, doesn’t mean that it will continue to work forever.   Syzmon checks backups daily for our Managed Services Agreement clients to ensure a good backup has occurred.   (PS   If you don’t have a monthly agreement, we AREN’T watching…call us today if you would like to add this service).

3.    Watches and schedules patches.   On a weekly basis, our software will automatically send out patches to your Servers and PC’s to keep them up to date.  Most patches are to plug a software security hole that has been detected so this is very important.   Again, if you aren’t a Managed Service Agreement client, we don’t send out patches and don’t ensure that any automated patching is being completed successfully.

4.   Watches and automates a whole bunch of other stuff!    Makes sure that your Antivirus, openDNS, Office 365 and other applications are running correctly with no alerts.

Isn’t it great to know that Szymon is watching your network so you can stay productive, stay secure and stay up to date.   We all rely a lot on technology and we can’t afford downtime.   With super Techs like Szymon on board at TREYSTA, we work hard to keep you running smoothly!