TREYSTA understands that working with technology services can be challenging.  After all, many times "techno-speak" all sounds the same.  Describing technical services can sound to many people like Charlie Brown's teacher.  We get it.  To help explain what TREYSTA can do for your company, please allow us to tell the story of some of our clients and how we have helped them.

Names and identifying details have been removed to keep our clients' privacy in tact.  Below are the stories of exactly how TREYSTA gave each organization what it needed in today's ever-changing world of IT support.


Local School

Serving around 600 students in grades K-6

TREYSTA was contracted for managed services with a local school within the last year.  After realizing that some of the IT support needed to be supported outside of the school's part time help, TREYSTA was called upon to provide maintenance and monitoring services.  With the needs of the school constantly changing, TREYSTA has kept the organization up to date in network infrastructure, hardware and software.

New devices are being added this year and TREYSTA will aid the school in this migration, as well as help the students, faculty and staff to understand their new technology.  In addition to this work, TREYSTA will continue its monitoring and maintenance of the entire system, from server and network to all devices currently using the system.

*All TREYSTA employees are background checked in order to serve organizations like this.


Local Youth Organization

Serving a local county in Central Pennsylvania

A long-standing community organization, this local coalition partnered with TREYSTA over five years ago to obtain IT services for the many generations it supports.  To maintain their client base and continue to provide technology to all of its members, this organization contracted TREYSTA to build and support an extensive IT solution. 

With a complex operating system used to keep in contact with other branches of the same organization, TREYSTA understood the task and developed a simple solution of monitoring and maintenance.  With very little hiccups given the complexity of the system, TREYSTA continues to provide superior IT support and system checks.


Local Historical Society

A large foundation in Central Pennsylvania

TREYSTA recently rescued a local historical society from an IT disaster.  After receiving an alert on a Saturday, TREYSTA team members rushed to save a server infected with ransomware known as CryptoLocker.  Because TREYSTA had previously installed a back up appliance for this client, our monitoring of the system saved both time and the society's priceless information. 

One of TREYSTA's oldest clients, we understand the value of this historical information.  After disabling the ransomware, our technicians went to work recovering the organization's data from successful back ups.  The entire process took less than four hours to complete, and saved lifetimes of historical knowledge.